2025 International Student Fees

2025 International Student Fees

School Fees (NZD)
Tuition Fee - Full Year $16,500
Tuition Fee - Per Term $4,300
Administration Fee - Per Year $1000
Administration Fee - Per Term $300
NCEA Exam Fee (Per Year for Years 11, 12 and 13) $385
Contingency Fund (Unexpected Costs - Refundable) $500

Accommodation Fees (NZD)
Registration and Homestay Placement 1 Term $350
Registration and Homestay Placement 2-4 Terms $500
Homestay per Week - Age 14+ $400
Homestay per Week - Under Age 14 $440
Homestay per Day - Age 14+ $57.14
Homestay per Day - Under Age 14 $62.86
Change of Homestay $150
Christmas School Holidays Fee per Week $75
Residential Caregiver Monitoring if not in Homestay $500

Insurance (NZD)
Insurance - One Year Estimate (Appropriate insurance is compulsory under NZ Immigration rules. Students may arrange their own policy, as long as it complies with the NZ regulations. A copy of this policy must be provided to the school in English) $585

Other Costs (NZD)
Airport Transfer each way (No charge for full year students) $100
Airport Transfer Unaccompanied Minor each way $150
Airport Transfer Each Way between 9.30pm - 6pm. Price on enquiry.
Uniform (Required if student is attending for more than 1 Term. Students attending for 1 Term only, may instead wear their school uniform from their home country) $300-400

There may be sports team fees, school trips, workbooks, stationery and material costs depending on the subjects chosen by the student.

All students are required to bring their own digital device (laptop or Chromebook) to access Google Classroom in class and for homework.

All students are required to have a New Zealand mobile phone with credit on it at all times.

An Auckland Transport (AT) Hop Card for public transport can be purchased for $15.00.

Henderson High School uniform can be purchased online prior to arriving in New Zealand or upon arrival. Uniform details are online at The Lenco Schoolwear Shop. https://www.freedom2play.co.nz/collections/schoolwear-schools-henderson-high-school

For further information please contact International Student Director, international@hhs.school.nz or call on 838 9085 extension 737.

Henderson High School International Student Fee Schedule

Refund Conditions for International Student Fees