From the Principal

Welcome to Henderson High School. We share a community where both staff and students are pleased to belong. Achievements levels are consistently strong, with an emphasis on opening up pathways for all students to have meaningful choices on leaving. We love seeing the many students who come back to visit and proudly share their successes and experiences as they navigate adult life; 

We are focused on developing warm and demanding teachers so that students feel valued and challenged. Our routines and expectations are designed to reduce cognitive load so that students feel safe and can access their working memory. We work hard to make powerful knowledge available to all students so that they can access meaningful employment and have agency in their lives. We work hard to provide an environment for students that nurtures confidence in cultural and personal identity so that they can reach their full potential and support others.

The students that flourish the most at school, both socially and academically, are those who get involved and contribute to school life. We offer sports and cultural groups, performing arts opportunities, debating and chess clubs, leadership roles, community service clubs and many student-led activities. We strongly encourage students to give things a go as a way of broadening their horizons and finding friends. 

The adults at Henderson High School genuinely like young people and care about their learning. We are building a community where our school values are lived out, creating strong support and connections between students, and between students and staff. It’s a wonderful school, and I know you will appreciate it the way I do.

Ros Robertson
B.A., Dip. Tchg (Sec), M.Ed.Admin.Lead.