Welcome to Henderson High School

Henderson High School is a well-resourced, positive environment for students and staff. We are focused on enhancing our teaching practice in line with cognitive science research, and ensuring our curriculum is knowledge-rich and flexible. The latest technology is used to support learning and develop the skills needed for today and tomorrow’s world.

Our NCEA achievement is excellent and each student has the opportunity to build a broad and deep foundation of knowledge that allows them to innovate, to communicate and to participate in society in meaningful ways. 

Students can explore their interests through sports, the performing arts, and a range of clubs and service opportunities that develop leadership and teamwork. Together with formal learning, these contribute to growing confidence and responsibility in our rangatahi.

Our community is diverse and inclusive, so every student can find their place and their people. Our teachers build positive and mana-enhancing relationships with our young people, along with having high expectations for them in every aspect of their learning and character. 

Staff, students and alumni are rightly proud of Henderson High School, its attractive environment, its supportive culture and its high expectations. 

Please contact us to arrange a visit, or for further information.

Ros Robertson
B.A., Dip. Tchg (Sec), M.Ed.Admin.Lead.