Our national day of remembrance, ANZAC Day, gives us the opportunity to commemorate New Zealanders and Australians who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations, and also acknowledges the contribution and suffering of all those who have served.  Did you know:

The Red Poppy symbolises peace, death and sleep of the fallen servicemen and women, the Purple Poppy represents remembrance of the animal victims of war.

Medal recipients wear their medals on the left side of their chest, family members/descendants wear medals on the right side of their chest.

It doesn’t really matter which side you wear your Poppy on as long as you wear it with pride.  Traditionally men on the left breast and women on the right.

Traditionally rosemary is worn on ANZAC day.  Rosemary is found growing wild on the Gallipoli Peninsula, which is why it is significant.

The correct spelling is ANZAC (not Anzac), and the day is commemorated (not celebrated).

Fill your heart with gratitude for our fallen heroes. Warm wishes for Anzac Day.