Peace Day

Every year our supported learning students acknowledge Peace Day by creating paper lanterns and cranes to decorate their classrooms, however this year they are using their creations for a different purpose. Usually, thousands of tourists visit the Hiroshima memorial site and create paper cranes to decorate the Sadako statue for Hiroshima Peace Day. With the borders shut, and no tourists this year, school students from around the world have been invited to make paper cranes to send to Japan so they can be hung in time for the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony on 6 August.
Instead of buying origami paper, students thought it would be special and more meaningful if they painted their own paper in colourful patterns. Thanks Mrs Amara for your inspiration and support! In total, students managed to complete 130 beautiful cranes to send to Japan.
What an awesome project this has been for the class to contribute towards the decorations at Hiroshima!