Changes To Our Library

This year we are making some changes to our library. Library use has dropped in recent years so we are looking at new ways to connect young people with books and reading. An audit of our book stock has given an opportunity to change the way we use books. For example, the best reference books are now to be based in the departments where they will get the most use, enabling teachers to actively encourage the critical use of quality resources. The richly diverse worlds of fiction will be experienced in the Reading Loft, a developing space in the mezzanine of the library building. We want this to be a welcoming place where books can come alive for readers. We have some mahi ahead of us in clearing out and redesigning this area – watch this space!

In the process of recreating our Library, we have been able to open up a Careers Hub downstairs where students can explore their future pathways, giving them direction and purpose for their school studies. There is also a flexible classroom area that can be timetabled or booked.

So all in all, unlike the “shhh!” libraries from years ago, our library is on its way to becoming an exciting place where students choose to be at lunchtimes and breaks. And, in spite of the technology myth of the disappearing book, books are spreading everywhere at Henderson High School.