Enviro Group

It was an early start for our Enviro Group students when they traded in the classroom to set sail for Rangitoto Island with Seacleaners. Head of Science, Ms Recordon said that despite the freezing morning students were too excited to feel the cold as they watched the most beautiful sunrise over the harbour.
The day was spent collecting rubbish from the north western circumference of Rangitoto Island and the ocean surrounding it. The uneven basalt lava rock formations meant it was tough walking but that didn’t deter our hardy students.
Jaeden, our Enviro group leader, noted how the Islands act as a form of filtration system to collect rubbish from the harbour before letting it further out to sea. He felt in some ways that we were lucky that the islands trapped some of this debris before it travelled out to where it was more difficult to collect.
Great work students ~ we appreciate your contribution to cleaning up our planet!