Peer Mentors

14 March 2018

Welcoming, inclusive, encouraging, and great leadership skills are the terms used to describe our team of Year 13 Peer Support students. This fantastic group works with our Year 9 students as they commence their high school journey from the start of term one. 
Shaunavon is a key member of the team and tells us how much he has enjoyed the Peer Support process. The team building, ice breaking and networking between the seniors and juniors, as well as within the Year 9 classes, sets the groundwork for success as our Year 9’s find their way at high school. He says “It’s fun to work with lots of different personalities and great that I get to learn from the new students as well. I enjoy giving back to the school, and it reminds me of when I started as a Year 9 student and our peer mentors helped us.”
A great big thank you to all our Peer Mentors for the time they have spent with our Year 9 students. Also a big thanks to Mr Hukui and Miss McLeay for their willingness to offer assistance and support. 
Keep up the good work guys, it is great to see your commitment to helping others!