BECA Visit

8 August 2017

Last Wednesday a group of eager students were selected to visit BECA, an employee-owned engineering company that works throughout NZ and Asia-Pacific. 
Students had the opportunity to speak with a range of engineers including civil, electrical, geotechnical, mechanical, and environmental engineering. They were given a tour of the lab and shown the process geotechnical engineers follow before deciding whether to build on a certain site. 
The fun part of the day was a challenge to build the tallest tower out of tape, dry fettuccine, string, and a marshmallow! Congratulations to Vanya, Cheyenne, and Alyssa for your creative engineering!
Thank you BECA and Science Teacher Mr Bithell for giving our students the opportunity to attend a mind-opening day full of fun and helpful information about the world ahead. Year 11 student Mardi said “BECA opened a whole new world to all of us and helped us decide what we want to do with our lives”.