Probus Ladies Grateful for our Talent

4 December 2016

Recently some of our young Saxophonists accompanied tutor Mr Rod McLeay to the “Waitakere Ladies Probus Club”. The ladies were so delighted they wrote us a letter to share their gratitude, here is what they said:

Dear Sir,

“Last Friday morning, our Club “Waitakere Ladies Probus Club were entertained by students from Henderson High School. They were a group of saxophonists with their tutor Mr Rod McLeay. We did enjoy the items. As well as being talented it was evident that they had worked hard to develop their skills and learning to play as a group. They were also a very pleasant group to have at our meeting.

They were always well mannered and were a great example to some younger students from two primary schools not only for their performing skills but also for their behavior.

They were great ambassadors for Henderson High School.

Thank you letting us enjoy their talent.”