NCEA Achievement Hits New High

20 June 2016

Our NCEA achievement in 2015 is excellent by any measure, and as a community we can all take pride in this success. These results confirm that we continue to be a top performing school with achievement rates of 95.7% at Level 1, 98.1% at Level 2 and 94.9% at Level 3. The Ministry of Education has also endorsed our achievements, noting there is little difference between our roll-based and participation-based results. This is important because it shows performance is genuine and we are adding value for every student.

The most important factor in the transformation of our academic achievement over the past five years is setting and maintaining high standards across the board. In particular we strive to continuously improve the quality of teaching and the resources available to students. The talent of our teaching team is exceptional. We are inspired to keep on making progress. The focus is to continue to lift our already high quality of achievement, with more Merit and Excellence endorsements.