The 27th Rotary National Science and Technology Forum

9 to 23 January 2016

This year’s annual Rotary National Science and Technology Forum was held from 9 – 23 January.  Anoek Grosmann and Harrison Tuhiga-Efaraimo were honoured to be selected for the programme at the University of Auckland. The forum’s aim is to introduce high school students to the more recent developments in Science and Technology and to expose students to the diversity and wide range of options available for career prospects and campus living.

The students got to stay on campus for two weeks with 180 other like-minded students. Anoek and Harrison both reported that the forum was life-changing, unforgettable and inspiring; not only from a learning perspective but also from the relationships formed with fellow students and other influential people.

Anoek commented “Forum has made me realise that University is not as daunting as everyone claims it to be and that there is also a lot of support and opportunities if you ask for it. Along with the postgraduate students came awesome projects and ideas which are usually hidden in the depth of the university walls. It was an unforgettable experience which exposed me to a vast amount of specifications and career options which I never knew were available to me. I was inspired and encouraged by many influential people to New Zealand’s Science community”.

Harry quoted that “Forum is an experience I wish everyone could attend. Besides learning about science and technology in university, I obtained critical knowledge about decisions to make at university from speaking to lecturers.
A word of advice which resonated with me was to study what you are passionate about. They urged to not pursue a career for the money or prestige, but instead focus on a degree that makes you happy “so you will never work another day in your life”.

Well done Anoek and Harry you deserved it!